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Britflex Stands The Test Of Time At Al Ain City

The project saw the construction of a new dual carriage way (6.5 km approximately), the upgrading of existing northern ring road (12.8 km approximately), the construction of a three-lane flyover bridge (Interchange-1) at Al Ain - Dubai Road, the construction of a four-lane dual carriage way underpass, the construction of the Al Foah Underpass and Underpass 2A and the building of Wadi Bridges near Interchange-1 and Interchange-2.

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In 2009, USL Ekspan's specialist sub contractor was engaged by Saif Bin Darwish on behalf of Al Ain Municipality to install 460 linear metres of Briflex Resin Mortar to support Transflex Reinforced Elastomeric bridge expansion joints installed at each abutment of an elevated section of roadway that carries traffic to and from Al Ain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and surrounding conurbations.


 Transflex bridge expansion joints installed at an elevated section of roadway.


Britflex Resin Mortar was chosen by the client because of its key performance characteristics:


  • Rapid curing properties
  • Proven in busy/heavily trafficked areas
  • Extremely tough, hard-wearing & durable compared with previously used concrete products
  • Whole life cost solution - Over 20 years proven experience in the region (Kuwait) with first applications dating back to 1996
  • Low noise & excellent riding characteristics
  • Resistant of road salts & fuel oil
  • Exceptional bond strength to asphalt and Transflex unit

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