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Footbridge - Belfast

As part of a regeneration project for the area, public realm improvements along Belfast waterfront...


The new footbridge consists of structural steel enveloped in aluminium cladding with a glass parapet on the east elevation and a stainless steel post and wire system on the west parapet.


 Concrete waterproofing to a new footbridge


Graham Construction and the client were looking for a tried and tested comprehensive waterproofing solution which would protect their steel bridge structure.


Graham Construction engaged USL Ekspan, who with a proven track record of over 30+ years protecting steel bridge structures throughout the UK and Ireland were in a perfect position to offer their experience; technical advice and a quality liquid applied deck waterproofing protection system.


Britdex MDP waterproofing system has an enviable track record and is not prone to leaking, de-lamination and premature failures.


 Concrete waterproofing to a new footbridge


As a formulator, manufacturer and installer for the past 35+ years USL Ekspan is unique with its offering, USL Ekspan not only fully understands the chemical technologies to manufacture a robust concrete waterproofing product but also understanding the installation process and onsite conditions so that each and every time the client receives a quality offering with a deliverable guaranteed protection system.


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