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Scotswood Bridge - Gateshead

USL Ekspan has completed works to replace the existing comb expansion joints on Scotswood Bridge in Gateshead with our Transflex HM expansion joint system.


Tramsflex HM consists of moulded steel reinforced rubber modules for smooth transit between two separate surfaces on the same plane, absorbing expansion and contraction, translation and rotation movements.


Comb Joint Replacement



  • Corrosion resistant elastomer casing
  • Movement accommodation up to 1600mm
  • Seismic
  • Accommodates skew movement
  • Factory vulcanised kerb units to suit changes in levels
  • Easy replaced


USL Ekspan replaced the comb joint on the main approach, exit and entry ramps on the Gateshead side of the bridge.  It was the first work carried out on the comb joints in its 52-year history.


Comb Joint Replacement


In addition, work on the bridge was phased so that the expansion joints were replaced one at a time, to ensure that only one diversion route for vehicles will operate at any given time.


Comb Joint Replacement


Gateshead Council spokesperson said: “Fifty-two years is pretty good going for a bridge that has taken the amount of traffic the Scotswood Bridge has taken over the years, but it’s beginning to show its age. We needed to replace these joints now to guarantee the future of this important crossing.”


The bridge first opened for traffic in 1967 as a replacement for the 136 year-old Chain Bridge which was located a little downstream of the current bridge and which is mentioned in the well-known George Ridley song “Blaydon Races”.


Comb Joint Replacement


 For more information please contact  +44 (0) 113 8418861 or email


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