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Shoreham Adur Ferry Bridge - West Sussex

The £10,000,000 swing bridge opened by the Duke of Gloucester was recently waterproofed using Britdex CPM Tredseal.


Britdex CPM Tredseal is a combined waterproof wearing system, offering 100% effective waterproofing wearing course and skid-resistance in a single surfacing layer, many times lighter than mastic asphalt.


Ease and speed of application to concrete results in minimal possession times and a faster return to service. Britdex CPM Tredseal can be used on a wide range of structures subject to differing traffic conditions, allowing them to the lighter by design.



  • Based on BBA approved technology

  • Rapid set can be trafficked within two hours

  • Easy and quick application

  • Aesthetically pleasing finish

  • Tough, flexible and hard wearing

  • Versatile surfacing, suitable for application on a number of different surfaces

  • Applied even at low temperatures

  • Waterproof 



The Adur Ferry bridge in Shoreham will allow pedestrians, cyclists and mobility scooter users to reach the town from Shoreham Beach.


It replaced an old structure which had "taken a pounding" and could not be economically repaired.


After the name of the bridge was unveiled, the Duke crossed the bridge to meet school children, cyclists and residents at the Shoreham Beach end.


West Sussex County Council cabinet member for highways Councillor Pieter Montyn said it was "an honour" to welcome the Duke of Gloucester for the occasion.Chief executive Malcolm Shepherd said: "The Adur Ferry Bridge marks the end of a very successful five year project to extend the National Cycle Network into the heart of communities across the UK."


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