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Spray-applied Waterproofing Solution at Turbot Street Bridge

Specialist Contractor Evolution Civil Maintenance was engaged by Brisbane City Council to provide a solution for a failed bridge expansion joint at each abutment of an elevated section of roadway that carries Turbot Street through Brisbane CBD.


The brief included the removal of the existing joints at each abutment and their replacement with a suitable proprietary bridge expansion joint system.


The expansion joint gap was expected to open at its maximum of 85mm and it was considered that the most suitable method of repair was to remove the existing system and install a Britflex BEJ bridge expansion joint.


 Expansion joint replacement


The Britflex BEJ joint was selected as it allows for movements between a minimum gap setting of 30mm and a maximum of 85mm.


The replacement of the joint system was undertaken during one day using multiple crews working within lane closures to provide access to each half of the joint at a time.  


For more information please contact +44 (0) 113 8418861 or email

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