USL Ekspan Services

Precision Engineered Machining & Fabrication

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State-of-the-Art CNC Machining


With more complex and substantial machining demands for projects, USL Ekspan now operate a state-of-the-art Hurco DCX3226i CNC machine, an essential addition to their in-house manufacturing facilities. As well as internal design, manufacture and installation of their own products, USL Ekspan are able to provide subcontract CNC machining and fabrication services.


USL Ekspan provide:

  • Precision engineered machining from simple component parts to very complex profiles
  • Skilled technical operators/programmers who understand and will deliver your requirements on time
  • Superior automation and delivery of highly accurate quality products achieved through its 3-axis operating platform



  • In-house production with direct point of contact mitigate risks eliminating third party time constraints
  • Ideal to suit very difficult and challenging specialist projects
  • All in-house machining operations provide better overall control and flexibility for large on-going projects
  • Jobs manufactured are more cost-effective and competitive
  • 3D machining capability also available


For more information please contact  +44 (0) 113 8418861 or email  info@uslekspan.com