Through Deck Drainage Units

Honel 302 System

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Honel 302/1 and Honel 302/2 - Through Deck Drain Units

The Honel 302/51 and Honel 302/2 through deck drain units are designed to provide ‘Spot Drainage’ points wherever needed or to be used in conjunction with the 325 channel system to provide a wider area of water collection. Corresponding 325 straight outlets will fit into the Honel 302/51 or Honel 302/2 funnels to create a comprehensive sub surface drainage solution.

The through deck system is provided in two sizes, 50mm and 32mm diameter. The 32mm Honel 302/02 system is ideal for retrofit applications to overcome ponding or to drain a bridge deck between pre-stressed beams. 



USL Ekspan Honel 302/2 & 302/51 Pipe Component and Accessories

A number of component uPVC bends and fittings are available for use with the 302 through deck system.




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