Britflex BEJ - Modular

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Modular in accordance with CD 357 standard

A surface mounted mechanical system, with an elastomeric insert between two metal runners /carrier rails. Set into a, rapid curing resin compound known as Britflex® Resin Mortar. The polyureide resin provides unrivalled anchorage to the deck due to its remarkable bonding qualities, meaning that no mechanical fixings are required.


'BEJ' expansion joints incorporate cellular elastomeric inserts which are load bearing enabling a range of movement to be accommodated up to 150mm.


The Britflex® BEJ Expansion Joint system has worldwide approvals for use on bridge decks on all classes of roads and motorways. The Britflex® Resin Mortar, is also an approved material for transition strips to all types of expansion joints.

This system is ideal for maintenance projects where there is a need to replace ailing or failed systems. The major benefit this system will bring to any project is the speed in which it can be assembled on-site allowing phased work outside of peak traffic hours.



  • Rapid on site assembly
  • Minimal disruption to traffic
  • Minimised future maintenance costs
  • Adaptable to numerous applications
  • Britflex® Mortar provides excellent bonding versatility, offering equally strong bonds to both concrete and steel bridge decks allowing phased work outside of peak traffic hours.