Sliding Bearing

EA - Sliding

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EA - Sliding

These bearings are designed to support a vertical load up to 2000kN with the constant bearing temperature not exceeding 150°C. For bearing applications in excess of this temperature please contact our technicians for further assistance.


Translation in the plane of movement is maintained at a low frictional resistance by the use of the mating surfaces, polished stainless steel and low friction PTFE. Bearings incorporating DU(B) can be supplied for applications up to 280°C.


Bearing Types:

Attachment & Movement

The bearings are available as standards with four methods of attachment. For EAG types customers must ensure that they provide shear connection adequate to react to the applied loads, but excessive welding must be avoided. Studs on EAJ & EAK types are threaded studs. Seven movement combinations are available including constraint in one axis and to give further flexibility two shapes are available for each load capacity.


Support & Installation

The bearing support members must provide uniform support. The compressive bearing stress on the supports varies through the range between 6.4N/mm2 and 11.3N/mm2 . Upon installation, the bearing surfaces must remain parallel to ensure correct bearing functionality. Once the bearing is installed the transportation fixings should be removed. Please note that bearings should not be split by anyone other than an Ekspan Ltd operative to maintain warranties.


The EA range of bearings are intended for industrial applications and are not BS5400 / EN1337 compliant.