Sliding Bearing

EQF - Sliding Bearing

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EQF - Sliding

Modular sliding bearings are used to permit structural movement to take place with the minimum coefficient of friction. Often the excellent properties of PTFE fail to be realised because of the use of inadequate mating surfaces or poor installation.


Ekspan EQF uses PTFE and stainless steel to offer a simple and economical sliding support.


  1. Virgin plain PTFE is recessed into a steel base plate
  2. Under design load the PTFE will not cold flow
  3. The EQF strip is designed for easy installation. The base plate can be tack welded or screwed into place. Bonding with a suitable adhesive is also possible providing the working conditions permit.


Ekspan EQF is ideal for use in numerous industrial applications where structures are required to move under load.

Examples of such applications are as follows:

  • Pipes and ducts
  • Ovens
  • Floors and roofs
  • Heavy fabrications during construction
  • Slipper pads for moving heavy machinery


The EQF is intended for industrial applications and is not EN1337 or BS5400 compliant.